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What is a Turkducken?

What is a Turducken?  It is simply a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, which is stuffed inside a turkey...with a lot of stuffing stuffed inside too!!  Wrap it in bacon?!  Well, of course we will!  :)  It has become a favourite for many of our customers.  

Follow the same guidelines as for cooking a Turkey Roll/Roast.  We can never say this enough....invest in a meat thermometer to check for doneness. You sure don't want to overcook or undercook your yummy Turducken!  And you can make these as small as you need to.  Call or send us a message for more info!

Roasting Guidelines: 

The standard rule of thumb for cooking a turkey roll, whether it be stuffed or 20 minutes per pound, when cooking at 350'F.    The internal temperature should be approximately 165-170'F.  Let the roll/roast rest for 15 minutes before serving.  Carve & enjoy!!

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