nesvog meats gift card

Give the gift of local with nesvog gift cards & baskets

There’s no gift better than the taste of fresh baking, or quality meats! Pick up a Nesvog Gift Card or Basket at any location, and share the gift of local!

gift cards

Gift cards are a wonderful alternative for gift-giving.  Choose an amount up to $250 per card.  Our gift cards do not expire and they are not reloadable.  Visit us in-store to purchase. 

gift baskets

Gift  baskets are a great way to show appreciation to your loved ones or friends. Let someone know you are thinking of them! In lieu of flowers at a difficult time in someone's life, a gift basket can be a great way to show you care and keep their bellies full. Call 250-753-4248 or visit our Terminal Park location to discuss your options.  Please allow a minimum 24 hours for special orders (keep in mind we are closed on Sundays).

gift card faq

Where can I purchase gift cards?
You can purchase Nesvog gift cards exclusively at any of our two locations.
Do gift cards expire?
Our gift cards do not expire and they are not reloadable.
What’s included in a gift basket?
Gift baskets are made with local products from our meats and produce selection. The products are curated based on seasonality.
How long does it take to prepare a gift basket?
Gift baskets can be prepared with 24 hours. Call us to order your gift basket today!
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